Power Train's
Strength & Speed Training Program
for athletes

Power Train guarantees you'll get results to improve your overall performance in your specific sport with the most comprehensive & intense strength and speed training programs anywhere. Our proprietary training program includes:
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*Prospective Clients Only.
(includes up to 12 weeks of summer training)
*($16.65 per 1 hour session)
2 Personal Training sessions/week
2 Speed sessions/week
*($12.49 per 1 hour session)
3 Personal Training sessions/week
3 Speed sessions/week
*($10.40 per 1 hour session)
4 Personal Training sessions/week
4 Speed sessions/week
Why Power Train?
Power Train is always focused on the WHY! Every program is customized to each individual client’s needs & goals. We identify the person’s strengths, weaknesses and imbalances to create a personalized program to maximize results. Our Performance Coaches work with each individual client to Coach, Count, Cue and Correct™ Every Rep of Every Set™. 
“The biggest change in myself since I joined Power Train, has been my body. Not only have I become faster and stronger, but I just feel better! The trainers are great! They push me to new levels and always encourage me during my workout!” 
Conrad Rhein
Lynn University Lacrosse Player
"My strength, endurance & speed gained through Power Train enabled me to control and hit the ball better than ever. It has helped to give me an edge against my opponents both physically & mentally which lead to my success on the field."
Margo Thorwart
Millersville University Field Hockey Player
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